Why Diag-ML?
The Diag-ML Format was conceptualized mid 2001 by a consortium of public and private companies interested in producing a non-proprietary language for describing diagnostic procedures,
designs, tests, and data.

Key Benefits:

  • Easily Extended, Parsed and Transformed
  • Avoidance of Obsolescence
  • Proven and available now

Applications for Diag-ML include:

  • Transfer of Knowledge to Run-Time Systems
  • Diagnostic and Prognostic Knowledge Capture
  • System- and Subsystem-Level Diagnostics and Prognostics
  • Third-Party Diagnostic and Testability Assessment
  • Static, Dynamic and Rule-Based Diagnostics / Prognostics
  • Diagnostic Flowcharts and Fault Trees
  • Export to Maintenance-based Simulations
  • Remote Diagnostic / Prognostic Engines

Schema Reference

Downloadable Files:

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Would you like to start working with Diag-ML? We will provide schemas and example files. Just contact us info@diag-ml.com and let us know more about your application.

Download Example ----> SCHEMA

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